Tornado of May 4, 2003

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The group of photos starting on the third row was taken starting at 2nd Street and Broadway at St. Philip's Catholic Church heading south.  For those familiar with Franklin you can just imagine driving along and I shot photos as I went.  Perhaps you will be able to determine a landmark.  
 If anyone wants to add any information please send me an e-mail and I'll add it.  Also anyone wanting to add a story, memories  or any other information about Franklin (including old photos) please let me know.  
Thanks to everyone who has contributed photos.  I have had to add more pages due to the volume of photos and would love to have more.  Please send any of your photos and I'll be glad to add them and give you credit for contributing them.

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     This picture was taken from the Arma high school.       It shows the tornado as it is going through Franklin.

Next 5 photos courtesy of Joe Cukjati

In front of the Community Center

Post Office

Pichler's house

Approx. Battitori's old garage
 just south of the post office

Look at the size of this tree

This next group is coming back north on
69 Highway.  These photos are basically the
area east of the post office and the community
center.   This is the area where Krasovec, Pichler,
Chelesnik, Thornton,  Polsak, Shaffer and the old
grade school was.

This next group is back in a block or so
east of 69 Highway in the area  
surrounding the old grade school

John Chelesnik's house
He was inside when the tornado hit

These next 3 photos are outside of Franklin
to the east.

Thanks to Louise Sorrick for the following 4 photos of  Clarence Ryder's home just north of the post office.

This is what's left of a 32' horse trailer.

 Tornado Pictures by Bobby McDaniel

Pictures of the days following the tornado

 Pictures As Clean-up Begins

Tornado pictures by Craig Stokes

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