Franklin Garage
also known as Battitori's Garage

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This was in the 1952 Franklin Grade School yearbook under "Advertisers".

Battitori's is the building with "Star Clothing" advertising on the side.

1967 Invoice

Pete owned a stock car and his garage was a popular hangout for the "car guys".

Memories of Battitori's
Remember the Community Hall and Vignatelli's Hall. They were both the site of many gatherings and dances.  Between the halls was Pete's (Battitori)Garage. Pete, Tommy Langford and Bill DuPree were mainstays.  (Later years would find Ray Saia there with Duke. Ray's
special lace paint jobs on motorcycles were amazing to me.)  Memory of Joe Lee Maghe
I remember going to Pete Battori's garage when there was a problem with Dad's old car and Pete and Bill  were there.  Bill liked all kids, even the pesky ones who asked all of the "dumb" car questions... Memory of Jo Ann Burgar
"Espionage in the 50s"    There were many locals from all the towns in Crawford County that raced at the local race tracks.  They were always trying to outdo each other and find out their secrets that made their car go faster.   One day my dad and a group of his buddies were working on their car and they wanted to know why Pete Battitori's car went so fast.  They decided that no one would recognize me (a young boy of about 13) so they decided I would be the one to spy.   I didn't want to do it but they insisted it was the only way to find out. Pete had been running his car (an old Ford). It was running good and they ran with a box over the engine so no one could see.   I was sent to the garage with the excuse of buying $1 worth of gas in an old Packard.    I wasn't very well prepared as Pete and his buddies (being the friendly sort) wanted to know my name.  I gave them my first name but they persisted and wanted to know my last name.    I was afraid to tell them so I gave them a name of one of my dad's buddies.    I was able to look at the old race car and see what carburetor they had on it (which was my mission).   It was a day I'll never forget.   Memory of Scotty Bitner
Manci’s Garage became Battitori’s.    (Picture of building with Star Clothing on the side).   There was a street car track West of Battitori’s(Manci’s)  that ran from Franklin to Pittsburg.   Union Hall was just south of Battitoris.    The theatre was one block west of Union Hall.  South of the theatre was a hotel and restaurant run by an Italian family.  Memory of Frank Lipasek
Pete rented the garage building from the Sam Manci family and operated the "Franklin Garage".  He lived in Franklin until his death in 1968.   He owned a stock car and Joe Youvan drove the races at 69 Speedway in Pittsburg.   The garage became a gaterhing place for men to visit (and gossip). 

Pete was a fisherman, a sharp shooter, a peace officer and a Mirza Shriner. He played the trombone in the band.  He was survived by a nephew Eugene Cattelino, Jr. (deceased now) Kansas City; a niece Mary Jane (Hartog) Cavanaugh, 3650 N. Woodlawn, Apt. 511,  Wichita, Ks. 67230 and a niece, Mrs. Lorine (Hartog) Blessant of Pittsburg.  Memory of Lorine Blessant

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