This was in the 1952 Franklin Grade School yearbook under "Advertisers".

Listed in 1928 Businesses, Manufacturers, Merchants and Tradesman for Crawford County, Kansas
Listed in category "General Stores, Department Stores, and General Merchandise"
R. G. Dun Mercantile Agency Reference Book published January,1928

Memories of Bruffy's
Bruffy's (George and Dan)was my favorite place. The store leaned so badly that it had a series of wooden braces placed on the north to hold it upright. The store's floor had a distinct wave to it. My folks bought the store and house in 1962.   Memory of Joe Lee Maghe
I remember all of the stores, Karlingers, Mariotta's (sp?), the General Store, and my favorite, Bruffy's where Dan and George always were there for you in good times and bad.  I can't remember Dan's wife's name... just remember a tiny gray haired (with lots of those waves they wore then) lady.  If we had the money (which usually we didn't) I was allowed a 5 cent comic book... but in the meantime, I read all I could while Mom waited her turn for one of them to wait on her...  Memory of Jo Ann Burgar
Bruffy's store was next to Maghe's house.  Actually, Maghe's house was the old Bruffy house.  The store itself was directly across from Vignatelli's saloon.  There were two brothers that owned the store, the older was George, I think, don't hold me to that.  The one I remember most was Dan.  It was a store just like Hank's, but the most memorable thing about it was the floor.  It was as wavy as could be.  My main memories are of buying our Christmas trees there, and also, when I was around 11-13 yrs old, Mr. Bruffy would give me stamps.  He was a stamp collector, and my mom had started me on stamp collecting, so he would always give me extras, or some of him stamps.  He also had a small gold fish pond behind the store, sort of in between the store and the house.  I was always fascinated by that pond and the gold fish, although I didn't venture back there very often, for some reason, at that age to me it was scary back there. I know his brother and his wife died, several years before he did.  Can't really remember when they closed the store, or even when they tore it down.
Memory of Carol Krasovec Haffner
Bruffy's was south of Marriotti's store just a little past Vignatellis on the East side of the hwy.  I remember Dan Bruffy very well.  I would have lunch with him in his old house next door fairly often (usually boiled hot dogs from his meat case).  He had many things in his house that were antiques even back then.  I remember being so angry when he died and they auctioned off all his things (all these strange people going thru his possessions in his house and store). A sad day indeed.
Memory of Jim Thornton

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