Burt Guistetto (big Bert) Butcher Shop

 I was born in l924 and my grandfather's shop was in business then. It must have been opened in the early l900 because he also had a ice cream counter. It was a one man operation. He butchered the cattle in a building behind the shop. I can remember him carrying a half of beef from the slaughter house to the shop on his shoulder and then watching him skinning it . He bought his cattle from various farmers including Dr. Keller. When his grandson Al Vignatelli was old enough to drive, he would go with him to buy cattle and bring it home. He helped him in the shop until World War 2 when he had to go in the service. I think the shop was closed shortly afterward with many unpaid bills. The Vignatelli's moved there house from east of Hank Marrotti store to 7th & Broadway around l935 and I think thats when the gas station and beer hall was opened. I left Franklin in l94l so I am not sure of all the dates but they are pretty close.   Memory of Clem Stafford

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