Simoncic/Simoncig Butcher Shop

Nick, Victor, Jennie (Johanna, August, Albert (baby)
Memories of the Butcher Shop
Nick Simoncic had a butcher shop. It was located in Steve’s building.   Nick ran it while the mine’s were going strong.  He then sold it to Soholdochnik??  They lived north of Lampe’s house.    Soholodochnick had 2 sons (Charles and Joe) and 2 daughters.     Memories of Frank Lipasek
Simoncig.  They would deliver meat.  Ma would go out to the road and tell what kind she wanted.  He would cut the piece, wrap it and Ma paid him.  He went on to the next.  At one time a guy would come around and sell loaves of bread -- hard crust.  He delivered with horse and buggy.  I wonder how sanitary it was.  Later,  the Soldoncik brothers took over and delivered meat to people west and all around.  They delivered meat in a covered wagon from house to house.  They sold beef steak to Ma for 25 cents.  Sometimes she bought 10 cents worth.  Memories of Mary Lipasek Maxwell

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