Franklin Centennial 1907-2007

June 23-24, 2007

Franklin, Kansas 66735
Sponsorship Agreement

Franklin Community Council, Inc. invites you to be a part of our centennial celebration.

As you plan your advertising budget for the year 2007 we hope that you will consider sponsoring a very unique, one time Crawford County event that is certain to be a great advertising opportunity for your company.     Please consider this worthwhile event.   We will be hosting our centennial celebration June 23-24, 2007 and invite you to be a part of the festivities.   Our community has gained national recognition for its rebuilding efforts and the inspiring spirit of its residents. We will be honoring all of Crawford County at our event with a Crawford County tent which will showcase all of our friends and neighbors.  The event will be nothing like recent festivals and shows held in the area.   Our activities are designed to draw large audiences with a wide variety of interests.    

While we cannot anticipate the number of visitors to the community during that weekend we know the interest has been extremely high.   When actor/director Paul Newman made a generous donation to us news spread across the nation and to foreign countries.  Our community was mentioned nationally and internationally on television, radio and newspapers.   An associated press writer continues to follow our efforts and articles can be seen frequently on the AP wire.   With this in mind we feel that our event will be a very well attended celebration.    As the press (local and national) has been so gracious to carry our story they have indicated they plan to do so during our centennial activities.    We hope you will want to be a part of this exciting weekend.   We were contacted recently by Good Morning
America so I am sure that everyone will want to be part of this event. 

We are seeking a variety of sponsors for the weekend event.    In return for your sponsorship you will receive advertising associated with the event or activity of your choice.   Advertising layouts are being assembled so it is very important that you take the time to complete the enclosed agreement as quickly as possible so you and your company can be a part of this historic event.     If you have any questions please feel free to call.   You can browse this website and find photos and stories of other events and you will see the capacity crowds.  All our events at the new community center have been “sell outs” and we have a waiting list.  

We look forward to working with you leading up to the weekend of June 23-24 of 2007.  For further information call Phyllis at 620-249-9333 

1. Sponsor will appear in all advertising (based on their level of sponsorship) done in relation to the centennial event.  Planned advertising at this time are:  Regional magazines; Local & regional newspapers; Old Time Newspaper printed specifically for the event; radio advertising; television advertising.  Event sponsors will be featured sponsors in all advertising.  

2.  All advertisers will be responsible for providing logo and company information as they wish it to appear.   You will be contacted to obtain your advertising logo and information. 

3.  The cost of sponsorship is payable at time of signing of agreement.   An agreement can also be reached if you have product donations which would total the amount of the sponsorship.   Be creative.  We are open to any suggestions.  If you are able to help us in any way with a particular event we will be happy to discuss options with you.  

4.  Fee should be enclosed with the registration form or contact Phyllis at
620-249-9333 for donations of products.     

5.   Return the following registration form to:  FCCI, P. O. Box 43, Franklin, Ks. 66735    Attn:  Centennial Committee  (Make checks payable to FCCI)       For more information: 620-249-9333


Name of Company: ___________________________________________________________


Contact Person: __________________________________________________________________


Address:   _______________________________________________________________________


Phone:   ___________________________   Cell Phone: _________________________________


E-mail address:  __________________________________________________________________


Level of Sponsorship:
Event Sponsor $1,000
Sponsor will appear in all advertising done in relation to the centennial event as outlined above (media, signage, website, etc.) This is the premium sponsorship and your company will receive the most coverage at this level

Activity Sponsor  $500    Franklin website advertising;   Advertising related to selected activity;  Posters and signage relating to the particular activity;   “Old time” newspaper that will be printed for the event;   Radio station advertising related to selected activity;  Television advertising related to selected activity
Circle One:   Car Show,  Dance Contest,   Crawford County Showcase,  Polka Party,  Slide Shows,  Ethnic Foods,   Celebrity Auction,  Youth Tent,  Historic Displays,  Historic Performance,  Church Services,  Bocce Tournament,  Horseshoe Tournament,   Bingo,  Reunion Tent

Associate Sponsor  $250   Franklin website advertising;  “Old time” newspaper printed for the event; Occasional spots in other media advertising. These will be placed on a rotation basis with the other associate sponsors.

Enclosed is my check in the amount of $ ________ as an _____event sponsor, _____activity sponsor, or  _____associate sponsor.

I am unable to participate as a sponsor but would like to make a one time donation of
$_____________ or  products or prizes consisting of  ____________________________.     

Make checks payable to FCCI and mail to: 

FCCI, Attn: Centennial Committee, P. O. Box 43, Franklin, Ks. 66735 

All donations are tax deductible.    501c3 #: 48-0790296

Centennial Celebration