Owned & Operated by
Franklin Community Council, Inc. (FCCI)
701 S. Broadway
P. O. Box 43
Franklin, Ks. 66735

Community Center Rental Manager

Peggy Dorio

620-704-6140 or 620-347-8305


Franklin Community Center & Heritage Museum

Partial Day 
(not to exceed 4 hours)
Friday, Saturday, Sunday $100
Monday-Thursday $50

Deposit:  Equal to rent
Use of the Center is first-come, first-served.  If renters desires cleanup,  additional cleanup fees may also apply.
A deposit is due at the time of acceptance of reservation.   
Rental fees must be paid prior to rental date and no later than date of key pickup. 
About Your Event
Date(s) Requesting: _____________________________

Time Requesting:____ am/pm - ___ am/pm     Number of People: ________

Type of Event (meeting, training, wedding, etc.): __________________________________

About You
Renter: _________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________  E-Mail: _______________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________
City: _________________________State: __________ Zip: ___________
I request cleanup fees be assessed ____
I will do cleanup   _____

Office Use Only

Date Application Received: __________________ By: _______________________
Deposit: $__________ Rental Fee: $__________  
Cleanup Fee:  $________     or    To be Determined after rental ______
Remarks: _____________________________________________________________________

Franklin Community Center & Heritage Museum
Rental Usage Agreement

THIS agreement entered into on this the _______ day of __________, 20____ by and between the FCCI and __________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “renter”.
WHEREAS, the Franklin Community Center & Heritage Museum is owned by FCCI, and
WHEREAS, Renter desires to use the Franklin Community Center & Heritage Museum
NOW, therefore, the parties do mutually agree as follows:
1. A refundable damage/key deposit in the sum of $_________ has been charged by FCCI.  
Should damage occur to the facility related to the renter’s use, renter agrees to forfeit the deposit
and pay for any additional damages and cleanup.
2. A rental fee of $_________ has been charged by FCCI. Renter may be asked to
provide a certificate of insurance.
3. A cleanup fee of $25 per hour (minimum $25) will be charged by FCCI. If no fee is charged, 
renter is responsible for cleanup.
4. Renter shall indemnify and hold harmless FCCI against any suit, claims, actions,
or liabilities arising out of the use of these premises.
5. By signing this agreement, renter acknowledges that he/she has read and understands
and agrees to abide by said guidelines.  Renter understands that failure to do so may
result in immediate cancellation of this agreement.

BY: __________________________________ Date:_____________________

BY: __________________________________ Date:_____________________
                         Agent ~ FCCI

Franklin Community Center & Heritage Museum
Rental Guidelines & Policies

1. Scheduling will be on a first-come, first-served basis. However, FCCI  programs,
activities and events take priority over rental use.
2. Rental rates are designated on page 1. 
3. Events must end no later than midnight (12:00 a.m.) without prior written approval.
4. ABSOLUTELY NO TOBACCO USE is permitted inside the center. 
Smokers are asked to dispose of all smoking materials and smokeless tobacco products
 in appropriate outdoor receptacles.
5.  All renters must have a signed, approved rental usage agreement on file before
use of the facility will be permitted.
6. All fees, including damage/key deposit, are due upon reservation.
7. Deposits will be refunded to the renter when the key is returned and the facility
is inspected and found to be in proper order.
8. Cancellation of an activity is required at least one calendar week prior to the event
to receive a full refund of rental fees paid.  No refund will be given for cancellations received
less than 48 hours prior to an activity. FCCI will issue all refunds within 10 calendar days of the cancellation.
9. Renters must remove all refuse from the community center and place in outside receptacles
at the back of the building and see that the facility is left in the same condition in which it was found.
10. Renters using the facility will be liable for any damage, destruction or repairs associated
with their use of the facility.
11. FCCI Board of Directors, or a representative, may at his/her discretion require
renters to submit a certificate of insurance for activities or events considered to be a
high-risk activity or event. Additional fees may also apply.
12. Use of the center for profit-making functions, or for events for which an admission fee
will be assessed, is prohibited without prior written  approval of the FCCI Board of Directors or their representative.
13. FCCI  reserves the right to refuse rental.

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