April 30, 2004
Veda Maxwell, Chairman

There is no way to extend our appreciation to all the volunteers who helped with the Arbor Day project.   The weather forecast was gloomy.  As if to say "this project is good" the sky opened and the sun shone on all the workers.    All who volunteered can remember this day in their hearts and know that future generations of children and families as well as wildlife will benefit from this one day of labor.    Thank you to everyone who participated in any way.

REBIRTH OF FRANKLIN BEGINS APRIL 30:   Franklin, Kansas is extending an invitation to all who know which end of a shovel to use to make a hole... please help us begin our “REBIRTH” on Friday, April 30th at 10:00 A.M., volunteers will plant up to 200 trees from one end of Broadway Street to the other end. The Franklin Community Council working in concert with Tim McDonnell,  District Community Forester from the Kansas Forest Service, have plans in the making for a fabulous Arbor Day event on April 30th, which is the state of Kansas’ official Arbor Day. It's a pretty well known fact that Franklin’s destruction from the tornado May 4, 2003 nearly wiped out the town but not her people. It has been 11 months of struggle and perseverence by volunteers to restore their community. They realize that to be a complete homestead takes more than concrete, buildings and roads... but also the comfort that green spaces provide. While some of us won’t live long enough to see our efforts grow to 40 or 50 feet to the sky, we know that our children and their children will see that we cared about their future and this town’s survival. We are so indebted to Tim McDonnell and Kansas Forest Sevice to come to our aid with their guidance and assistance. We ask that any organization or youth group contact us to join us in celebration of rebirth not just for Franklin but the future of our planet. Trees are the oldest & largest living things on the earth and a good measure of the health & quality of our environment. Trees are the original multi-taskers... providing social,  ecological & economic benefits. Their beauty inspires writers and artists, while their leaves & roots clean the air we breathe and the water we drink.  ---Veda Maxwell (620-347-4747) (

The Cukjati family has generously offered trees (at no cost other than the planting fee) to be transplanted on homesites in Franklin.   This project will start in  November and continue through March.   Joe Cukjati has contacted someone who will do the planting at the rate of $75.00/hour and claims he can move 4 trees an hour.    Residents can expect to read more information about this in the Monthly Newsletter. 

Tim Foxwell, Veda Maxwell, Ray Hamblin
Preparing for meeting with Tim McDonnell, Kansas Forest Service April 4, 2004
in preparation for Arbor Day

Tim Foxwell, Veda Maxwell, Ray Hamblin
Preparing for meeting with Tim McDonnell, Kansas Forest Service April 4, 2004
in preparation for Arbor Day

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Unloading the Trees

Loading the Mulch

Planning Location of Trees

How long to replace this massive tree that was lost?

Planting around the old hall site

Is this bird watching his new home being planted??

Corner of the old hall site planted with redbud trees

Instructions for planting

The planting begins along Broadway (Highway 69)

Waiting to feed the
 hungry volunteers

Volunteers come in all sizes!!

Media coverage of the event

Lunch served

Not "The End"
This is only the Beginning!!