MAY 10-16, 2004
(Jerry Wayman, Chairman)
Committee Members: Henry Ashbacher, Ray Hamblin

Clean-up Scheduled for May 10-May 16:  A massive hand clean-up will take place during those dates.   Lunch will be provided on Friday, May 14.  If you or your organization would be willing to help with this undertaking please contact Phyllis at 620-347-8387 or e-mail at or Veda at 620-347-4747 or e-mail Veda at   We appreciate all offers of help even if it's just an hour that you can give.  Each day's clean-up will begin at 8 a.m.   We will assemble at the old Community Hall site, 5th and Broadway, Franklin.  

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May 8, 2004
A special thanks to
Rick Dimon, Sears, Pittsburg, Ks.
for donation of a chain saw

May 8, 2004
Craig Stokes, President of
Franklin Community Council, Inc.
accepting chain saw from Rick Dimon
Sears, Pittsburg, Ks.
Brady Frandsen came to Franklin to spend a week helping with the clean-up project. He is from Kingsville, Utah about 20 minutes from Salt Lake City     He is a wonderful example of the spirit of young people.   We are very grateful for his help.   His enthusiasm spread throughout the volunteer group.    We did a little interview to find out what made him choose our community. We're happy to share his story with all of you..
Brady's Story:  May 13, 2004:  I'm from Kingsville, Utah about 20 minutes from Salt Lake City. It is  about the size of Pittsburg.   I heard about Utica, Ill.  getting hit by tornados about a month ago and thought I could go and help between school semesters.  When I contacted them it turns out you have to go through a 4 week training course to be a volunteer. I went on the internet and starting looking around to see if there was anyone else I could help and I contacted several agencies across the east.  I made contact with Tirsek and Kip Kennedy said there was a project going on in Franklin during the week that I could come.   I’ve never done this before.  I spent two years on a mission with my church in Tonga and so I started getting into the community service thing and I felt like going on and doing that again - going out and helping people.  If it works out I’ll probably do it every summer..  I’m 21.  I’m studying construction management and I want to be a general contractor.  Not sure where I’ll go when I graduate - hadn’t really thought about it yet.      I’ll be leaving Saturday morning at 3 am on the bus.   There are 2 boys in Pittsburg that are missionaries for our church.  We have 60,000 missionaries  world wide.  I met them on Sunday.  I mentioned to them about Franklin so they came to help out one day.    Maybe we can come down and help you build a post office next summer.   I was told I could work in some other areas but I like it here so I plan to stay here and work until Saturday.  

(The following photos of "More Helping Hands" are young men from Labette Correctional Conservation Camp who came to Franklin to do community service work.    They were hard working, courteous and respectful.  They had smiles on their faces despite the hard work and dismal weather.   We wish them all well.)
Photos of More Helping Hands
(The following photos of "Clean-Up" are residents of Franklin and friends who helped with the clean-up as well as making all the necessary arrangements to see that the week was successful. Much preparation and planning went into the project.)  
Photos of Clean-up