June, 2004: 
Still no word on a final decision from the post office. We are putting together the paperwork that has been requested by the post office and hope to have an answer from them in the near future.

May, 2004:  We are making progress on the post office project. The next issue that has to be addressed is the location of the post office. We have to propose a building site that the postal service will approve for the building. The will perform an onsite inspection to be sure that the site will fulfill the needs of all that will be using the facility. We still do not have a firm commitment from the postal service on re-establishment of the post office. We do seem to be moving in that direction. The Community Council will continue to pursue the issue to its final conclusion.

April, 2004:  No decision from the post office.  

January, 2004:  
A meeting was held with Postal Representatives January 21, 2004.   The representatives agreed to recommend reopening the Franklin Post Office with the community supplying the building.    More updates to come!!

December, 2003:  The Franklin Post Office was housed in a building that was rented.    A 5 year contract had been signed just months prior to the tornado.   The tornado destroyed the building.  The postal service is now studying whether to have a facility in Franklin.  The representatives told members of the community that it would take 2 years to rebuild.   When an offer was made to have it rebuilt quickly we were told that they had to study it.    Wasn't a study done before they signed the 5 year contract?    We were told that Franklin was not scheduled for being closed in the near future (evidenced by the 5 year contract).  Why is it taking so long for the postal service to make a decision?   Did it take this long for New York to have a post office after their disaster?    The owner of the property has graaciously agreed to rebuild the post office and just needs to know that the postal service will honor their 5 year contract so construction can start.   It seems to be a simple process to me but evidently the government does not work that way. It must be a complicated issue with lots and lots of meetings and discussions.  

 The simple facts are:  (1)  A 5 year contract was in place beginning in 2003.  (2)  The building was destroyed through an act of nature.  (3.)  The property owner is willing to rebuild immediately and continue on with the contract.   (4)  The only hold-up is waiting on the postal service to make a decision.

"The above is a personal opinion of the author.  If you have any questions about it please contact me at"

October, 2003;   Franklin leaders note that the U.S. Postal Service has not made a decision about re-opening the Franklin Post Office and is still studying the issue. However, they ask that local residents contact their lawmakers, as well as the postal service at 1-800-275-8777, to express their opinions.

August, 2003:   No decision has been made to date for re-opening or closing the post office.  Still time to send in your letters or thoughts on the matter.  Go to the contact page and send those letters or e-mails.

June 29, 2003:   The Postal Service held a Town Hall Meeting, from 7-8 pm.    The Postal Service stated in their letter they want to continue to provide the best possible service to the Franklin community.     At the meeting Franklin residents were told that no decision had been made to keep the post office open or to close it.   Please voice your thoughts and concerns through the contact page.


The Franklin post office was the only office that opened its window for retail business at 7:15 am and the only office within an 8 mile radius that was open on Saturday for retail  business.  Not only Franklin residents patronaged this office.  People from all over stopped in because of the ease in parking, no stairs to climb, no lines to wait in and all postal services were available from there.  Convenience and customer satisfaction was what made this a successful  office.  An elderly couple from Franklin commented on how wonderful it was to have such service from the local post office.    If it was raining or snowing and they couldn't get out the postmaster would often (on her own time) bring their mail to them.  

Please go to the "contacts" page and drop a letter or e-mail to your legislators.   They need to hear from us.

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