Property at Junction 69 & 47

September, 2004:  Property should be deeded to the community shortly and the sign is ready to be placed at this location.   

June, 2004:  Still waiting on a deed from the state.  Once that is taken care of plans are already in place to install a “Welcome to Franklin” sign.

May, 2004:  Dianna Morrision and Margaret Kennedy reported that a huge boulder could be donated and placed at the intersection of the bypass and Highway 47.  Nothing can be done until the property is deeded to the council but they are checking into getting it set.  It was also discussed about lighting the sign.  It was decided to wait until the sign is set since there has been talk of the state lighting the intersection and it may not require any special lighting.  Ted Wynn offered to mow the area and to do some landscaping work.  Any volunteer help would be appreciated.

April, 2004:  Plans are in the works for placing a "Welcome to Franklin" sign at this location.

August 3, 2003  We are in the process of obtaining two sites from the State at the south end of town where the old highway is now.  It is over 2 acres.    According to the state it is for community use only.
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