Read about Dr. Keller's life and practice in Franklin.  The story appeared in 1966 in the Pittsburg Headlight-Sun.

Memory of Dr. Keller's Office/Home
I remember Dr. Keller's office ... someone had a small brown monkey or type of oranatang? (anyway, small with a red butt!) in a cage out back.. it was fascinating to watch the only monkey  in probably a 100 mile area.. especially at my age.. took the edge off seeing the doctor too!  
Memory of Jo Ann Burgar
Do you remember Doc Keller's office?  I remember going to his house many times or he would come to our house.   No need to make an appointment 1 month in advance to see him.   We also would go to his office which was on 69 highway by the old post office.
  Memory of Phyllis Liposek Bitner
Dr. Keller brought me and my sister into this world. 
Memory of George L. Bazin II

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