This was in the 1952 Franklin Grade School yearbook under "Advertisers".

Memories of Ginardi's Corner
The south end's main attraction as we started that long trip to Pittsburg was Ginardi's.
  Memory of Joe Lee Maghe
And didn't Ginardi's corner signal that you were entering Franklin.   Funny how a name sticks to a location long after the people or business are gone.   Memory of Phyllis Liposek Bitner
There were free movies in Franklin.   Down at Ginardi’s corner.   Just south of his building 50 to 100 feet in the summertime they used to put on outside movies.  They had an outside screen, outside camera and they just had benches not with backs or anything.  Bricks that you put a board across.  Ginardi did it because if everyone came to the free movie they bought pop and candy.  Memory of Jack Kynion
 We had 15 to 20 kids from Arma that would walk down 69 to go to the free show.   It was like a miniature drive-in only a walk-in.   Memory of Muriel Stroud

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