Hank Marietta's Store
Previously at this location was Mariotti and Angeli

This was in the 1952 Franklin Grade School yearbook under "Advertisers".

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Read about John Wayne's ties to Franklin.

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Thanks to John Partin who suggests the following:
"I think this was the old Nichols Soda sign that was on the side of Henry Mariotti's store. 
Henry's store was a museum of it's own, when Henry was alive."

Memories of Hank's Store
There was Hank's (Mariotti) store with the
men around the stove. Hank always had a kind word and a story or photo of John Wayne.  Memory of Joe Lee Maghe
I  can remember walking to Karlinger's and Hank's stores to buy candy and whatever Mom needed and didn't want to go to Arma to get.
 Memory of Andy LaSota
 I can remember as a little boy going across the street to Hank's store to get a pop, candy or just to talk to Hank about baseball.
Memory of Sam Manci
I was originally from Pittsburg.  For a time in the 60's I worked for Liggett & Myers tobacco company (after I got out of the Navy after my first enlistment) and I made regular stops in Henry's store just to chat with him.  He was a very interesting character, but at that time he didn't sell much of anything; certainly very little tobacco products.   But I always looked forward to passing through Franklin just to stop in, have a soda, and listen to some of his stories.  Lots of them were about John Wayne.  He was a sweet old man and what I wouldn't give to have a visit with him again.  Memory of John Partin

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