The heritage museum in our new community center houses many artifacts, photos, interviews and memorabilia.
 After visiting the website we invite you to the museum to spend an afternoon to learn about southeast Kansas.   

Visit  "Memories"  for stories about the early days of Franklin.

 Also read stories written by Betty Kissee Strickland Lawson .
Betty was kind enough to share excerpts from her book. 
The stories are a wonderful reflection of early days in Franklin, Kansas and
are reflective of the immigrant experience throughout Kansas.

Milestones in Franklin
(Photos and stories about  past and current events)
Battitori's Garage
Bruffy Brothers
Casey Drug System
Mazzareno Ceccotty
Crowe Company Store
Marilyn Cukjati, Artist
John Dollar Hall
Charles Ferrero Meats
Fox Brothers Grocery and Meat Market
Franklin Garage
French's Fort
George Frere Grocery and Meat 
Dr. C. M. Gibson
Ginardi's Corner 
Charles Glenn Barbershop 
Gregory Restaurant
Burt Guistetto (big Bert) Butcher Shop
James K. Hershman Billiards
Hotel/Dance Hall
Ice Cream Parlor
J & P Railroad
Karlinger's Grocery
Dr. Keller
Orville Kelly Auto Wrecking
K G & E
Kranker's Dance Hall and Pool Hall
LaSota's Dance Hall
Livery Stable
Dinah Logan Boarding House
Manci Brothers
Mariotti and Angeli
Hank Marietta's Store
Joe Miliken Barber Shop
M. Minelli Grocery
Mullen and Craig Filling Station
Open Air Dance Hall
P. Palango
Pinsart Shoe Shop
Frank Prete Barber Shop
Reniger's Dance Hall
Leopold "Lay" Rons Barber Shop
Simoncic (Semoncig) Butcher Shop
Sterling Salvage Yard
Steve's Place
Trolley/Street Car
Union Cooperative
Union Hall
Nick Vignatelli's Gas Station, Restaurant and Beer Bar
Western Coal and Mining Co.
Western Coal Mining Company Store 
Whitehead Restaurant
Army of Amazons

Community Hall 

Cukjati Farm

General History

Post Office   

Sidewalk - Guiness World Record Holder & Road Projects


UMWA (United Mine Workers Association)


Cukjati Band

Lipasek Synchopaters

Family Photos (these are photos & stories of families sorted alphabetically)

Group Gatherings  (this will take you to a photo album of the past)

Sausage Making Days

St. Philip Neri

Methodist Church

New Life Baptist Church


Study done by Eula Marie James, July, 1943 titled
 "Seven Years Experience in Adult Alien Education at Franklin, Kansas"

Photo of Citizenship Class


School Photos (Buildings, Teachers, Sports, Activities)

The WPA Guide to 1930s Kansas
(published 1984)

How about everyone helping to preserve the history of the area?  I need pictures, stories and more information about these businesses, churches, etc.   Also can you add to the list?  I'll be doing more research and getting more history to add also. 
Does anyone know the years any of these were in operation?

 Anyone with information, stories, photos, memories, history or just about anything that relates to Franklin that you'd be willing to share please send them to me and I'll be happy to post them.   Please send me an e-mail.   All originals will be returned.

If you have any historical documents or items that you would like to donate for display please e-mail me and we can make arrrangements to receive those.   You will be donating them to the non-profit organization of Franklin Community Council, Inc. Your name (or family name) will be displayed with the item/items you have donated. All items will be on display and preserved for future generations.  
-----more to come!!
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