Karlinger's Grocery

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Karlinger's corner in background

Karlinger's Corner in background

Mr. Karlinger - 1962


Memories of Karlinger Store
I too, remember Karlingers Store, Mr. & Mrs. and Rudy.  Rudy would deliver grams groceries in the truck.
 Memory of Polona Straus Filpi, Marie Straus, Roseann Podpechan, Wilma Prosence
I did not often go to Karlinger' but was always intrigued by the mix of groceries, drinks, and the tables by the door.
 Memory of Joe Lee Maghe
My dad would often take Brother Larry and me along to Karlinger’s store. I remember being fascinated by the ceiling fans.
Memory of Dr. Joe Eugene Lepo

I can remember walking to Karlinger's and Hank's stores to buy candy and whatever Mom needed and didn't want to go to Arma to get.  Memory of Andy LaSota
  Can't you just see the pop machine and that candy counter where you could slide open those glass doors and get your candy bar out for a nickel?   The big oak table in the front where the guys could visit and play cards while sipping a cold beer.   I can still hear the sound of that screen door closing.   I can just see Rudy fixing a sandwich after slicing some lunch meat from the meat counter.  I spent many hours in that little store after school.  
Memory of Phyllis Liposek Bitner

Who can forget Rudy Karlingers Store and Rudy himself. That was one of the most friendly places to go as a child or a adult.   I as a child can remember working in my dads garden at my grandparents place, taking a break over at Karlingers Store and going fishing in the afternoon with Paul Kranker, Leo Kobak, dad, Rudy Widmer Sr., and my brothers Mike and John.   Memory of Henry Ashbacher
I recall trips Karlinger's Store (my grandfather reportedly had worked there as a butcher after leaving the Coal Co.; my father knew an Augie Karlinger).  My grandmother's home was on the approximate first west-leading road north of Karlinger's store (the Karlinger family house of the 1950s I believe backed up to my grandmother's backyard)   Memory of John Ponce

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