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Paul Newman as rescuers in the emergency
Paul Newman possesses his own grocery chain. That sounds first of all very practically, since it might simplify the daily purchase. And it sounds after a nice possibility of improving the account balance continuously.
But a Hollywoodstar needs actually additional incomes from the sales of butter and milk? Paul Newman answered this question for itself with a no. It donates all profits - to date 150 million dollar - to charitable organizations.
Newman does not only operate a Sommercamp for ill children, also in current states of distress proves it as rescue anchor. So soul municipality Franklin in the American Federal State Kansas, which was afflicted in May by a Tornado, could be pleased the 500 about a cheque with many zeros. "we decided to it, the exact sum do not admit to give", explained an inhabitant. "however it was a marvelously grossmuetiger amount."

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