Franklin Community Park Policy


There are no fees for reserving the shelter but donations to help with maintenance and upkeep are welcome.   Call 620-347-4220 to reserve the shelter.   You will receive a packet with a permit form to complete and return to FCCI (or you may print the form from this website).    Electricity and use of the bathroom facilities will be made available during the time of reservation.    At this time bathroom facilities usable are a port-a-potty on site.  After the Franklin sewer project is completed the permanent bathroom facility will be available. 

No person or organization shall advertise, organize, hold, or conduct any special event or activity in or on the park grounds without first having received a valid Permit from FCCI.  

Volunteers are needed to assist with  programs, landscaping, and special events.   To volunteer as a  “Park” helper call (620) 347-4220.    Become a “Friend of the Park” by giving time or money to the project. 
Send donations to:  Franklin Community Council, Inc.,  P. O. Box 43, Franklin, Ks. 66735  Attn: Park
  • Park Hours are 8 am8 pm  (No events may be held after 8 pm with prior written approval.)
  • The park is generally open to the public.  Reservations made for the shelter or park take precedence. 
  • Programs sponsored by Franklin Community Council, Inc.  take precedence over private reservations
  • The individual or group making the reservation is responsible for the conduct of their group and any damages the group makes to the park. A damage fee will be accessed if repairs are needed.
  • The individual or group making the reservation is responsible for the general cleanup of the area by the expiration of their permit. A clean up fee will be assessed for excessive trash. Please provide ashtrays and proper disposal of smoking materials. Trash barrels are for paper plates, drink cups, etc. No glass is allowed in the park
  • Tents or awnings used must first have the approval of FCCI for placement. You will be charged for damage to underground irrigation or electrical components.
  • All equipment must be hand carried into the park from the approved aprking lot.  Cars and trucks are prohibited on park grounds or damages will be assessed.

To reserve the shelter call 620-347-4220 and you will receive an application permit or you may print the form from this website.  Processing will normally take approximately 3-5 working days (after receipt), after which an applicant will receive written notification of approval or disapproval of the request.  Phone notification of approval/disapproval may precede written notification when time is of the essence.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to discuss potential dates and activities with Office Staff at the Center prior to submitting a written application to insure the desired site is available.

Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served, basis and shall meet the following criteria:
1. That the requested activity shall not interfere in an unreasonable way with the primary use or uses for which the facility was designed.
2. That any net proceeds, including donations which are derived from any non-sponsored activity,  be for recognized charitable causes (501 organizations).
3. That there is no selling of food, beverages or any other merchandise within the park facility unless approved by FCCI.
4. That there be no posting of signs and/or endorsements except as and where approved by FCCI.
5. If literature is distributed, it must be voluntarily accepted by passersby (i.e., there should not be any effort to force or coerce individuals to accept literature). Placement of non-sponsored literature on unoccupied vehicles or in/on park facilities constitutes littering and is strictly prohibited.
6. That any public gatherings, forums, rallies and public speaking activities/events will be permitted on park properties in areas designated by FCCI.   Such events must adhere to all County and State ordinances, as well as all park rules and regulations.   In general, public gatherings, forums and rallies are prohibited unless reservations have been made. 
7.  That any theatrical or musical program or performance, on or off stage, shall not project the audio portion of the program, by either natural or artificial means, at a volume that will disturb neighboring residents.   In any event, projection of sound shall conform to County Code, and shall not be played in such a manner as to disturb the peace, quiet and comfort of the neighboring inhabitants or passersby or with louder volume than is necessary for the convenient hearing of those persons for whom the sound is provided.
8.  That any unbudgeted costs incurred by FCCI as a result of the activity shall be accepted and borne in full (and in advance, as applicable) by the sponsoring individual or organization(i.e. portable toilets, dumpsters, clean-up costs, etc.).
9.  That all activities shall conform to Federal, State, and County laws and regulations.
10.  That no illegal drugs shall be permitted on park properties.
11. That non-sponsored special activities shall not be allowed in or on park properties where the size of group will interfere with normal visitation and usage or the activity will likely result in undue injury or damage to park property or resources.
12. That FCCI reserves the right to refuse a Permit given to any organization or individual who has demonstrated a prior history of not abiding by the criteria contained in this Policy.
13. That FCCI shall have the right to suspend any activity or event in progress if conditions of this policy are not being met. Violation of a rule or condition of the Permit may be cause for immediate revocation of the Permit, loss of all privileges associated with the Permit and forfeiture of any fees paid for in conjunction with the Permit.

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