Pritchett Foundation

We are very fortunate to have this trust established by William B. and Athlyn C. Pritchett and managed by Gold Trust Company in Pittsburg, Kansas. The mission statement of the Trust is "to improve the quality of life in Pittsburg and Crawford County, Kansas by strengthening children, youth and families and by supporting projects that serve these populations."  The first grants were distributed in 1995. 

A $10,000 Pritchett Grant has been awarded toward construction of a Community ParkThe award was given March 18, 2004 at the Gold Bank, Pittsburg, Kansas.   The money will be a great start to creating a park for the children of Franklin and the entire community.  Justin Stone graciously accepted the award for all the children of Franklin.   He received a resounding applause after his acceptance speech.   We would all like to thank Justin for accepting the award. 

Joe Cukjati, Craig Stokes, Justin Stone, Phyllis Bitner
accepting 2003 award from Pritchett Foundation

Acceptance Speech - March 17, 2005
The residents of Franklin are very moved by receipt of this grant.    We feel that that we are working to improve the quality of life by strengthening children, youth and families as the Pritchett’s intended.   The Franklin Community Park will have a lasting impact on the entire population.   The park has been the location of many community gatherings as it was previously a school then a community hall.  Building the park will ensure that this area remains a place for families to gather to strengthen their ties with family and friends.

Phyllis (Liposek) Bitner, Margaret (Cumbarsano) Kennedy,
Veda (Vilet) Maxwell, Norine (Nepote) Laird
accepting 2004 award from Pritchett Foundation

A $15,000 Challenge Grant was presented to Franklin Community Council, Inc. toward work on the community park.   We are once again so honored that Gold Bank has shown the trust in our organization to grant us this very generous donation.    We accept their challenge and will continue to work diligently by inspiring a high level of volunteerism within the community to see the project through.   It is a very worthy asset to the community and we are committed to accomplishing the task.   

While our work efforts are of the very highest standard it would not be possible to see this park become a reality without the continued support of Gold Bank and the Pritchett Foundation.    

We feel this park in the center of the community is a beacon to anyone who drives through the still desolate area.    As the flowers bloom, children play in the park and families gather under the shelter it is a constant reminder of the true spirit of the residents.   

We genuinely thank Gold Bank and the Pritchett Foundation  for the inspiring gift!

Acceptance Speech
I tried to think of the appropriate words and ways to say "thank you" for this exceptional gift.  No matter what I wrote it didn't seem to be adequate.  It is still heart wrenching to drive through the community of Franklin but one of the bright spots is coming to the center of town and there is a beacon of hoping shining for everyone.   This community park. Without funding from the Gold Bank and the Pritchett Foundation that would not have been possible.  Almost daily the park is already in use and we can all be proud of our accomplishments.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Ray Hamblin, Chairman, Planning and Land Use Committee, FCCI
Tad Dunham, Gold Bank President
 Craig Stokes, Chairman, FCCI
 Ken Webb, Gold Bank Trust Officer


Park Construction