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Information from "Kansas Post Offices May 29, 1828 to August 3, 1962", Robert W. Baughman

Established: October 27, 1908                 First appointee:  Richard H. Simmons

Read this very interesting article about Franklin Post Office being the only electrically heated post office in the country.
  The article appeared in the Pittsburg Headlight.  

After the tornado


The post office was originally located where St. Philip Neri Church is today.  It then moved to the east side of Broadway (69 Highway) about 1 block south of the original location.  It later moved to the location which was destroyed by the tornado.
Eddie Markovitz, Postmaster
Richard H. Simmons
Eddie Markovitz
Eda (Bianchi) Fiorucci

Memories of the Post Office
I remember going for mail at the old Post Office Where Mr. Markovic was the postmaster. Grandma's box number was 88.  Would love to have that old box if anyone knows where it is. 
 Memory of: Polona Straus Filpi, Marie Straus, Roseann Podpechan, Wilma Prosence
I left Franklin in 1926. Our post office box was no. 219. Couldn't wait to get there after school to see if we had mail.
 Memory of: Barbara Digite Krabbe
I can still see the old "Company Store" filled with hay & Eddie (Markovitz) at the post office south of it.
 Memory of  Joe Lee Maghe
My grandfather built the Franklin Post Office.   He did it so my grandmother, who didn't drive, would have an easier walk to the place.   My grandmother used to walk to the old post office to mail letters to her kids.  My grandfather built the new one so she didn't have to walk so far.  In the 1960s when we came home to Franklin, we used to go to the post office to get my grandmother's mail.  the postamster knew us as the Manci grandkids.   That wouldn't happen in today's word. 
Memory of George L. Bazin II

Current News:

January, 2004:  
A meeting was held with Postal Representatives January 21, 2004.   The representatives agreed to recommend reopening the Franklin Post Office with the community supplying the building.    More updates to come!!
October 5, 2004:  Franklin leaders note that the U.S. Postal Service has not made a decision about re-opening the Franklin Post Office and is still studying the issue. However, they ask that local residents contact their lawmakers, as well as the postal service at 1-800-275-8777, to express their opinions.

August 12, 2003:   No decision has been made to date  for re-opening or closing the post office.  Still time to send in your letters or thoughts on the matter.  Go to the contact page and send those letters or e-mails. 

June 29, 2003:  The Postal Service held a Town Hall Meeting, June 29, 2003 (Sunday) from 7-8 pm.    The Postal Service stated in their letter they want to continue to provide the best possible service to the Franklin community.     At the meeting Franklin residents were told that no decision had been made to keep the post office open or to close it.   Please voice your thoughts and concerns through the contact page.

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