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National and Kansas Historic Site

March 16, 2007   Franklin Sidewalk is listed on National Register of Historic Places. 

November 18,2006:  The Franklin Sidewalk is now listed in the Register of Historic Kansas Places, the state register.   
The Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review has approved the nomination of the Franklin Sidewalk to the National Register of Historic Places.  The nomination will be forwarded to the office of the Keeper of the National Register in Washington, D.C. where it will be evaluated by their professional staff.  If they concur with the findings of the Kansas Historic Sites Board of Review, the property will be granted inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places.  This property is now protected under the Kansas HIstoric Preservation Act (K.S.A. 75-1715 through 75-2725)

Phyllis Bitner, Chairman
Heritage Committee
Arriving for Board of Review Meeting

Sarah J. Martin
National Register Coordinator
Cultural Resources Division
Kansas State Historical Society
Presenting Application to Board of Review

Several Members of the Board of Review
listening to presentation

Sidewalk as it exists in 2006

Longest sidewalk connecting two towns

Possible explanations about the sidewalk:

Many stories but not enough facts yet.   It appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records perhaps in the 50s or 60s as the longest sidewalk between two towns. Another possibility is that it appeared in Ripley's Believe it or Not.  It's also been said that it appeared in Life Magazine in approximately 1938.   Does anyone remember anything about this?  Please e-mail me at    

Following are facts that are available thus far on the sidewalk: 
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August 18, 1936
Article in Pittsburg

August 21, 1936
Article in Pittsburg

Sidewalk in 2005

Many areas of the original
sidewalk still in very good condition

A few bumps in the road

Some sections are covered by years of grass and dirt but the sidewalk lays beneath 3 feet wide

Work Day June 4, 2005
Helping hands uncovered the original 3' sidewalk in front of the
 Franklin Community Park



This marker is located at the south end of Arma.  It is one concrete pillar with a different plaque on each side.   These markers designate two highway projects.  
The photo on the right isn't too easily read but it says Project No. 120 and is dated 1923.

Project #40, 1922, was for paving a 16' wide concrete highway from the south end of Franklin to the south city limits of Arma.  

Project #120, 1923, was for paving a 16' wide concrete highway from the south send of Arma to the north end of Arma. 

An item mentioned in the plans was that the county must pay for the marker out of their own funds as it was not an eligible part of the project.  

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