Union Hall

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7th and Broadway
Street scene of 69 Highway looking south from approximately the location of the latest post office.   The building on the right that says "Star Clothing"  was Manci's garage then Battatori's garage.  West of Union Hall and Battatori's was a very developed place.   There was a restaurant,  theatre, boarding house, street car and many other businesses.    When union hall burnt Frank Prete's Barber Shop was in that location.

Union Hall in the early years.
This was the site of the beginning of the nationally known Amazon Army March.   According to newspaper reports the ladies assembled at a local church and marched on Union Hall. 
More information coming soon.

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Memories of Union Hall

I believe the Union Hall pictured in a photo may be the location where my grandfather (by family lore) met and shook hands with United Mine Workers national President John L. Lewis, when my grandfather still worked for the mine.  Memories of  John Ponce

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